…because kids do better when they're active and outside!

YeeHaw! Now groups who have traditionally taken kids out to play in the national forests won’t be able to. The red tape and fees will drive them right smack dab in front of the good ol’ TV.

Groups used to be able to simply get on a bus and head out to national forests “but over the past several years, lots of those groups have noticed a growing challenge at getting permission to play in the woods. Permits for group activities on national forests are harder to get, change and follow.”

Add to the paperwork and fees the simple fact that groups now need to plan exactly which day they plan to be in the national forests a year in advance and you’ve got many groups deciding it’s simply not worth the hassle. And that means, for many kids, their one and only chance at being in the natural world has been taken away.

That’s sad.


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